The Product 


The BeamScrambler is an advanced optical measurement tool specifically designed for testing and calibrating LiDAR sensors across a wide range of performance parameters.

It offers our customers in production, during installation on vehicles and in the aftermarket validation a groundbreaking opportunity with its high-speed testing, exceptional measurement capabilities, compact footprint and flexibility.


Value Proposition

Direct measurement of LiDAR (ToF, FMCW,...) key performance parameter in a single measurement system 
(Range, Resolution, Channel specific pointing, Eye Safety, Field of View,  etc.) 

Ultra-Fast (CT ≤ 10sec/LiDAR), one shot full FOV measurement at multiple ranges 


Compact footprint (≤ 1m²) and fully automated test system which can be integrated in production lines 


Testing under real-world environmental conditions

(Snow, Rain, Fog, Splash, Dust and other performance limiting factors)