The Partner

ELAS Technologies Investment GmbH


ELAS Technology Investment GmbH (ELAS) is a German-based but globally oriented financial investor, with Headquarters in Hamburg in the north of Germany.  ELAS’ founders provide over 20 years of comprehensive  experience in nurturing organizations and fostering growth and have already successfully identified multiple business opportunities in the photonics and supporting sectors. This includes, for example, ficonTEC Service GmbH, the leading supplier of production systems for photonic assembly and test, with leading-edge global customers in sectors such as telecom/datacom, automotive,  LiDAR, satellite communications and more. 

Service GmbH

Automation Partner

ficonTEC is an innovative high-tech company that has rapidly established itself in a highly-specialized market. With continued growth and innovative development since 2001, they are the recognized market leader when it comes to automated assembly and testing of opto-electronic components and (hybrid) photonic devices.

The core team at ficonTEC consists primarily of development engineers from the specialist fields of optics and photonics, from electrical, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, as well as from software development. These developers are supported by experienced technicians possessing a wide variety of skills.

Leibniz University
Hanover - IPeG

Development Partner

The Institute of Product Development (IPeG) at Leibniz University Hanover is a research institution focused on optomechatronic devices and additive manufacturing.
The IPeG collaborates with industry partners to transfer research to application. 

The Institutes research areas include digitalization in product development, additive manufacturing, mechatronic systems, robotics and automation, and sustainable product development. 

Its main goal is to explore innovative solutions, advance technologies, and contribute to the education of professionals in product development.