The LiDAR - a key enabling technology


LiDAR stands for  Light Detection And Ranging and it is a key enabling technology for fully autonomous vehicles. 

It is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure distances to objects and create 3D representations of the environment. LiDAR systems emit laser pulses that bounce off objects and return to the sensor, allowing the system to calculate the distance to the objects. 

By scanning the laser in different directions, LiDAR can create a detailed 3D map of the surrounding environment, which has a wide range of applications, including autonomous vehicles, aerial mapping, and environmental monitoring.

The 3D map is used by vehicle ECUs to analyze and make decisions regarding the behavior of the vehicle, whether it's ADAS or fully autonomous. 

The LiDAR market is expected to reach $2.3B in 2026 and is growing at a CAGR(2021-2026) of 93.6%.  This growth is attributed to the increasing adoption of LiDAR technology in autonomous vehicles, as well as other applications such as aerial mapping, urban planning, and environmental monitoring.